Paragon Engineering Ltd.


We have been requested by Dougness Holdings Ltd. to provide a letter describing our experience with them as a CCTV Inspection and Cleaning Contractor.

Paragon Engineering Ltd. provided contract administration and construction inspection services for various City of New Westminster and Resort Municipality of Whistler CCTV Inspection and Cleaning Contracts completed over the last number of years by Dougness Holdings Ltd.

Our experience with Dougness crews, their construction administration, construction process, and the finished product have all been favourable. We have not experienced any defects or issues requiring remedial action, but are confident that, based on our experience with Dougness Holdings Ltd., they would warrant or remediate any defect to the satisfaction of any facility owner.

As such, we recommend Dougness as a qualified, experienced, and capable CCTV Inspection and Cleaning Contractor.

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John Kupskay, P. Eng.

MJP and Associates


We have had the opportunity of working with Dougness Holdings Ltd. on a number of occasions over the past fifteen years in our capacity as infrastructure management consultants. We have found the company’s standard of work to be of high quality and their staff have been able demonstrate a high level of professionalism and commitment to producing quality CCTV sewer inspection data. We have no reservation in recommending Dougness Holdings Ltd. for sewer and manhole inspection surveys.

Many thanks,

Marek J. Pawlowski, AScT, Eng.L.