45+ years in the business

Dougness Holdings Team

Dougness Holdings has been in the sewer maintenance business since 1970, we have clients in all corners of the province, with our over 110 years combined experience there is no job too big or too small that Dougness Holding cannot handle.

We maintain the storm and sanitary systems for many municipalities in BC. We have completed some of the largest CCTV projects in the Province. Several of our projects have been in excess of 100,000 meters.

All of our employees are trained in confined space entry and confined space rescue, traffic control and first aid, we maintain very high safety standards and in 50 years have never had a serious accident or work safe violation.

Why Dougness Holdings?

Our camera operators have all been certified by Nassco with PACP/MACP/LACP certification.

We use IBAK camera equipment that is manufactured in Germany. Unlike most CCTV companies that use generators that are environmentally
unfriendly to power their camera units, Dougness Holdings uses an inverter system powered by batteries thus helping to eliminate our carbon foot print.

We have a fleet of four Combination Trucks, One liquid waste truck, Five cube van camera units with one Van equipped with IBAKs LISY Lateral launch system, and a push camera for smaller pipe that crawler units can’t access, and a portable easement flushing unit for hard to reach manholes that are located on right of ways or in backyards.

Our CCTV units are capable of producing reports in PACP format. For PACP software we use Pipelogix Phoenix Data which provides tabular and pipe graphic reports, photos, and can also grade the assets.